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If you cannot find suitable RFID tag solution from existing market or you need to expand your product offering, Innovoi can design a new product for you. Sometimes only the optimization of the existing product is sufficient. Innovoi can design encapsulated hard tags or labels.

Innovoi design service offering consists:

  1. Product concept design
    • What are customer requirements?
    • If an existing product can be found?
    • What are options to solve the technical problem?
  2. Antenna design
    • On metal UHF antennas
    • Off metal UHF antennas
    • On metal NFC antennas
    • Off metal NFC antennas
    • Global and regional frequency band antenna
    • Dual antennas
  3. Mechanical design
    • Encapsulation development for the harsh environment
    • Material selection
    • Attachment methods
    • Tamper evident security features
  4. Prototyping
    • Etched antennas
    • Printed antennas
    • Direct flip-chip mounting
    • 3D printing
  5. Testing and measurement
    • Field testing with commercial readers
    • Forward and return link performance measurements